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INP3010/INP3011 EVB-A Development Boards

INP3010/INP3011 EVB-A Development Boards

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Nhà sản xuất: Innophase
Part Number NSX: INP3010/INP3011 EVB-A Development Boards
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INP3010/INP3011 EVB-A Development Boards

The INP3010/INP3011 EVB-A Development Board includes everything needed for evaluating the Talaria TWO module’s performance and capabilities, plus complete initial system integration and development.


Features of the EVB-A hardware include:

  • Arduino UNO format interface board with mounted INP1010 or INP1011 for easy evaluation in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with an external MCU
  • Integrated Pressure/Humidity, Temperature and Light sensors for prototyping. Other sensor connection possible through available I2C or SPI ports.
  • Pre-compiled software binaries for quick evaluation of the modules key performance specifications
  • USB connectivity for power, loading programs into RAM, storing programs in embedded Flash memory, and terminal message printout
  • Connection to available GPIO through central header pins or through Arduino header pins at the board edge
  • Antenna connections available directly on the INP1010/11 modules
  • Power supplied from USB, external Arduino board or from optional battery connection
  • Port available for direct measurement of module current consumption

Additional EVB-A Feature: Host MCU Interface Package for STM32 Nucleo Development Boards

Certain designs require a main MCU with specialized, high performance processing and high number of peripheral interfaces plus wireless networking for data and cloud connectivity from an external chipset. In these Hosted Mode scenarios, the Talaria TWO Module can be Serial-to-Wireless device providing Wi-Fi and BLE data connections while concurrently managing the IP networking stack.

InnoPhase has developed a self-contained application that runs on the Talaria TWO module and associated host interface drivers that run on the STM32L4 MCU. The two applications allow the MCU host to communicate with the Talaria TWO module over serial connection, either SPI or UART, and simplifies the Talaria TWO control commands to straightforward MCU function calls. Both applications for the Talaria TWO module and the STM32L4 MCU are available as part of the evaluation Software Package download below.

Includes support for either the ST NUCLEO-L433RC or NUCELO-L4A6ZG platforms. The L4A6ZG is used when an encrypted serial connection between the Host MCU and Talaria TWO is required.


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